Oliver BC's Festival of the Grape attracted record crowds in 2014  Photo Credit Paul Eby

Oilver BC's Festival of the Grape - Birdseye view of grape stomping barrel - Photo Credit Paul Eby

Oilver BC's Festival of the Grape also had an Art Show -  photo Credit Paul Eby

Oilver BC's Festival of the Grape, Vancouver's Paperboys provided outstanding entertainment - Photo Credit Paul Eby

 At Oilver BC's Festival of the Grape, there was great food everywhere- Photo Credit Paul Eby

The Portuguese drummers put on a show at Oilver BC's Festival of the Grape - Photo Credit Paul Eby

Grape stompers welcome a cool shower at Oilver BC's Festival of the Grape - Photo Credit Paul Eby

TMAC Alberta-NWT hosted approximately forty journalists, industry reps and local celebs circulated around the Off Cut Bar in The Nash, Chef Michael Noble's newest venture in Calgary. 

Oilver BC's Festival of the Grape attracted local nuns (actors) promoting their play - Photo Credit Paul Eby

Jump On Flyaways announces increased access to charter aircraft. A slow-down in Alberta’s oil & gas industry means greater availability of Enerjet charter jets for Jump On flights.


"Jump On will pass on 100% of fuel cost savings to its customers,” says CEO Roger Jewett.

Brainless jetskiers cause havoc for water tanker planes trying to bring water to douse wildfires near Oliver, BC. Watercraft need to be more aware of their surroundings, especially in emergency situations such as wildfires.

Wildfires engulfed the south Okanagan near Oliver, BC in the summer of 2015.

That big rock in the background is called the SunRock and in front of it are the SunRock vineyards operated by Jackson Triggs BC. If you have an opportunity to sample, drink or food-pair their reds under the SunRock moniker (Red Meritage, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Shiraz) - do it!


Brett Bousquet (l), a graduate of Pacific University's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program co-wrote the lyrics for a rap, music & dance video about anatomy and rehab techniques learned in the classroom. The university also used video as a recruiting tool to attract new students to its highly rated program.

Waterton Bayshore Inn Resort & Spa
Badlands TCBPP
Jump On Flyaways

JumpOn launches JumpStart

Allows fliers to choose plane, destination, times, friends & crowdsource flight!



“Will that be a Lear 45 or a Boeing 737?” asks Roger Jewett, CEO Jump On Flyaways. “With JumpStart, customers get to select their airplane! We have low cost, experience and luxury options.”  

“Our flight crowdsourcing platform allows customers to take control of their flights by creating a JumpStart and personalizing trip details like airplane type, destination and dates. They can also add a video to give a personal overview of the planned trip. In less than a minute, customers can create a JumpStart and start crowdsourcing demand to fill it up.” 


“With the growing acceptance of the sharing economy for things like overnight stays and ride sharing, we think Jump On’s flight charter jet crowdsourcing option will really take off. Our flights offer customers more than just a great price. There’s also a unique and memorable travel experience, starting with crowdsourcing your friends to come along.


Jump On Flyaways has a track record of innovation in creating exciting options for airline travellers in an evolving sharing economy. JumpStart, is Jump On’s newest and most ambitious effort to date.


JumpStart is a proprietary flight crowdsourcing platform that allows every traveller to become a true JumpStart Hero. It’s as easy as creating your trip online and then sharing it with your friends and social networks to generate enough interest to fill the seats. Once sufficient interest is created, Jump On will book the airplane, set the final price and offer the flight for sale. And when the Jumping Point is reached, the flight is a Go!” 


Adds Jewett, “We have an extensive network of charter and scheduled airline partners that allow us to offer a wide variety of aircraft from corporate jets up to Boeing 737s to just about any destination in North America. It's perfect for groups, sports fans, weddings, special celebrations and weekend getaway destinations. We are launching JumpStart with departures from Calgary and plan to add additional departure cities in the near future.”  


To view the JumpStart Hero video, click picture below 


Be a JumpStart Hero! 

Hike Bike Travel

 Leigh McAdam, global traveller, writer, blogger, photographer and author of Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures. clientuploads/15 TMAC Leigh McAdam Book cover 300.jpg


For someone who could easily ‘spin the yarn’ about her unique lifestyle, Leigh McAdam doesn’t like to talk about herself - so we dug a litter deeper. 


This Queen’s University trained geologist has been around the globe -to all continents but Antarctica - a grand total of 55 countries.  In Leigh’s world, there is always something planned, even if it’s a weekend. She thrives on change and travel quenches that passion.Leigh’s a mom with two grown kids. Husband John remains her best friend after three decades.


She loves a good bike ride, doesn’t own click-in bike shoes and would rather take a flat tire to get it fixed than to do it herself. Hiking and backpacking make her happy. Going to places most won’t.  Solitude for the soul - being at one with nature. Yet, a walk around Stanley Park with hubby and hound is equally satisfying. Sea Kayaking scares her a little bit - when the sea roars. However, the reward for surviving that heart pounding adrenalin rush is relaxing onshore in a way that can’t be replicated on any other trip - likely because she’s totally unplugged from the digital world.


Leigh’s also a voracious reader, florist owner-turned gardener and she loves to cook - just not seven days a week. A coffee addict and latte junkie, she’ll freely admits that she could live solely on almond butter, buckwheat honey and banana sandwiches, forever. That becomes slightly more strange if you know Leigh’s a registered professional dietitian.

Her most recent achievement is the just published Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures. Leigh has written for Travel and Escape, up!, Reader's Digest online, BC Living, Canoeroots Magazine and many high profile travel blogs. She’s also worked with Visit California, The Rocky Mountaineer, Tourism Saskatchewan, Travel Alberta, New Brunswick Tourism, Tourism Montreal, Outaouais Tourism, Columbia Valley Tourism, Shuswap Tourism and many other tourism boards and adventure companies.

Leigh will never tell you that she has more than 10,000 Twitter followers, 3,500 Facebook likes, 800 newsletter subscribers or that her online pages average 33,000 unique visitors and almost 50,000 page views every month. You can also connect with Leigh Facebook: www.facebook.com/HikeBikeTravel Twitter: @hikebiketravel Website:www.hikebiketravel.com