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  • Maho Beach, Saint Marrten

    Posted by: Unknown on Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

    clientuploads/16 Caribbean St. Marrten airport flyover Maho Beach 2.JPGindex.php?src=images&id=2

    #Maho Beach was a very hot party spot on the day we visited. Located on the #Dutch (south) side of Saint Marrten, the beach is located directly under a flight path to #Princess Juliana International Airport. Seeing and hearing the thunderous jets 100 feet above your head was an experience. So too was the blast from jets taking off from the same runway. They blow blinding sand pellets that pepper your body. If you have a beer in your hand, you need to put a finger in the neck or risk having sand and salted suds. #sunglasses are a must and keep your mouth closed.

    #carnivalcruise #stmaarten #mahobeach #princessjulianaairport #dutch #french #jet #jetblast #runway #beaches #beer #beachparty #caribbean

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  • Fall Arrives in the South Okanagan

    Posted by: Unknown on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

    clientuploads/15  RD 22 Wooden Bridge  Sept 27 -Channel.JPGNostalgic Road 22 wooden bridge crossing Okanagan river channel - midway between HWY 97 and Black Sage Road. The entire area is surrounded by wetlands and oxbows that corral the northern tip of Osoyoos Lake.

    clientuploads/15 Burrowing Owl Winery Sept 27 -Channel.JPGA pastoral view of Burrowing Owl Estate Winery (on the Black Sage Bench) from the oxbows north of Osoyoos Lake, BC

     clientuploads/15 Okanagan Channel Sept 27 -Channel.JPGAs fall descends upon the desert microclimate of the south Okanagan, the banks of the Okanagan river channel defiantly strut their plumage in the golden glow of a late afternoon sun.



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  • Vail Colorado - A breath of Fresh Air

    Posted by: Unknown on Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

    I only spent a few precious days in Vail, Colorado - an excuse to visit with our son who landed a plum sports medicine assignment for the next year.

    I thought Vail would be a ghost town in summer. I was dead wrong. For a 5,000+ town - Vail was hopping. No where near the buzz it receives in winter - but like many tourism towns in Colorado there is a 'Can-Do' mindset that has turned them into four season tourism destinations.

    There are a lot of municipalities in BC and western ...Canada that could learn from Vail's experience, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Speaking of breath - I never thought I would experience signs of altitude sickness that included shortness of breath and headaches. I had forgotten Vail is 8000 ft. above sea level. It took me three days to acclimatize.

    What a beautiful town in summer - free parking - free bus rides. Vail was immaculate - no pan handlers - great food - tons of shopping - one feels safe and secure everywhere . You park your vehicle.

    Everyone walks, bikes or uses other people or powered means. There were flowers, fountains and art everywhere - I just loved the sculptures and the tastefully landscaped grounds. It's ideal for families and just about any other age group.

    I was blown away.

    I'll be back when the Canadian dollar grows a pair.

    All photos courtesy of Neil Bousquet @prwizard

    clientuploads/15 Vail CO July Lancelot 16.JPGclientuploads/15 Vail CO Burton July 16.JPGclientuploads/15 Vail CO July 16.JPGclientuploads/15 Vail CO July Bavarian 16 1.JPG clientuploads/15 Vail CO July Bavarian 2 16.JPGclientuploads/15 Vail CO July Pirate Ship 16.JPGclientuploads/15 Vail CO July Reading 16.JPG

     All photos courtesy of Neil Bousquet @prwizard

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