Jump On announces increased access to charter aircraft

Published Tuesday, February 17, 2015



 Jump On announces increased access to charter aircraft

Slow-down in Alberta’s oil & gas industry means greater availability of Enerjet charter jets for Jump On flights.



Enerjet's state of the art Boeing 737-700 Next-Generation Jet Aircraft


Alberta-based Jump On Flyaways is taking advantage of a slow-down in the province’s oil and gas industry to increase its access to charter airline aircraft. 


“The slow-down in the oil patch has opened up more opportunities for Jump On flights with our airline partners like Enerjet,” says Roger Jewett, CEO, Jump On Flyaways. “We have revised our agreement with Enerjet whereby the company has committed much greater access to its fleet of three Boeing 737s for Jump On flights. We are reviewing the availability schedule and plan to announce a series of low-cost flights at 30% to 60% off scheduled airline fares as early as next week.”


“Jump On has proven the viability of its ‘Go/No Go’ model and its ability to promote low-cost flight deals economically through social media,” says Enerjet CEO Tim Morgan. “We are looking forward to delivering many more safe, reliable and low-cost flights for Jump On customers beginning as early as April.”


“We also expect to lower our Jumping Point from 80% to 70% or less,” adds Jewett. “As with all of our flights, once we hit our target Jumping Point, the flight is a GO!”

Roger Jewett, CEO, Jump On Flyaways.



About Jump On!!    http://developer.linkedin.com/sites/default/files/LinkedIn_Logo60px.png

Jump On Flyaways participates in the sharing economy by offering a Calgary-based airplane sharing service with a unique way for Canadians to access low-cost flights. By contracting idle aircraft from charter airlines at discounted rates, scheduling convenient one-way and return flights promoted through social media and only departing if a minimum number of seats are sold, Jump On offers consumers 30% to 60% off typical scheduled airline prices.


Jump On continues to add departure cities (e.g. Edmonton, Vancouver and Kelowna) and offers low-cost flights to destinations including Vancouver, Kelowna, Fort McMurray, Las Vegas, Toronto, Phoenix, Palm Springs and San Francisco.  www.gojumpon.com