Published Tuesday, December 15, 2015


JumpOn launches JumpStart

Allows fliers to choose plane, destination, times, friends & crowdsource flight!



“Will that be a Lear 45 or a Boeing 737?” asks Roger Jewett, CEO Jump On Flyaways. “With JumpStart, customers get to select their airplane! We have low cost, experience and luxury options.”


“Our flight crowdsourcing platform allows customers to take control of their flights by creating a JumpStart and personalizing trip details like airplane type, destination and dates. They can also add a video to give a personal overview of the planned trip. In less than a minute, customers can create a JumpStart and start crowdsourcing demand to fill it up.”


“With the growing acceptance of the sharing economy for things like overnight stays and ride sharing, we think Jump On’s flight charter jet crowdsourcing option will really take off. Our flights offer customers more than just a great price. There’s also a unique and memorable travel experience, starting with crowdsourcing your friends to come along.” 


Jump On Flyaways has a track record of innovation in creating exciting options for airline travellers in an evolving sharing economy. JumpStart, is Jump On’s newest and most ambitious effort to date. 


JumpStart is a proprietary flight crowdsourcing platform that allows every traveller to become a true JumpStart Hero. It’s as easy as creating your trip online and then sharing it with your friends and social networks to generate enough interest to fill the seats. Once sufficient interest is created, Jump On will book the airplane, set the final price and offer the flight for sale. And when the Jumping Point is reached, the flight is a Go!”

Adds Jewett, “We have an extensive network of charter and scheduled airline partners that allow us to offer a wide variety of aircraft from corporate jets up to Boeing 737s to just about any destination in North America. It's perfect for groups, sports fans, weddings, special celebrations and weekend getaway destinations. We are launching JumpStart with departures from Calgary and plan to add additional departure cities in the near future.”

To view the JumpStart Hero video, click the Jump On button or picture below.   


Be a JumpStart Hero! 


JumpStart 101 – Here’s how it works 

  1. Create Customers create a JumpStart and choose the destination, dates and even the plane! JumpStart is perfect for a group planning a bachelorette party, amateur team sporting event, professional sporting game, wedding party, or just a weekend away.   

  2. Share Customers crowdsource demand for the JumpStart by inviting their friends and social network to ‘Back’ the JumpStart. Jump On helps out by promoting the JumpStart to its growing community to help fill up the flight and make it a Go!  

  3. Jump! When enough interest is received from Backers (other Jumpers that intend to join the flight), Jump On will source an idle aircraft, finalize the price and launch a flight for sale. When we reach the Jumping Point, the flight is a Go! 









Why choose JumpStart?






  1. You choose the destination.

    Just tell us where to go! Dozens of direct flight destinations are possible within North America.

  2. You set the times.

    We can depart and return at your whim, generally anytime from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.

  3. You pick the plane!

    From corporate jets right up to a 737, you get to pick the airplane! Why hail a taxi, when you can hail a jet!

  4. Bring your friends.

    Whether it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, out of town team sporting event or for any other reason, just create a JumpStart and send invites to your friends. It’s that easy. 

  5. Make new friends.

    Meet like-minded people while you take in professional sporting events (NHL, NBA, NFL, CFL, MLB, NASCAR, etc.), concerts, music festivals or enjoy foodie, shopping or beach trips.

  6. Jump On will help you fill empty seats to keep prices low. 

    Not everyone has 150 friends to fill a 737! That’s okay. We’ll spread the word to help fill up the flight and make it a Go!

  7. Great prices!

    Charter your own flight for less than group scheduled airline fares. How cool is that!

  8. Get free flights!

    Be the Jump Start Hero! Jump Start a flight that is a Go and you and a friend will fly for free!!








Roger Jewett C.A. CEO, Jump On Flyaways

About Jump On!!    http://developer.linkedin.com/sites/default/files/LinkedIn_Logo60px.png


Jump On Flyaways is a sharing community of like-minded travellers seeking low airfares and an improved travel experience. In 2013, Jump On created an airplane sharing service using idle aircraft and its Jumping Point concept to offer Jumpers a unique experience while saving 35%-65% off typical airline fares.

Today, that experience has been upgraded. With JumpStart, Jumperscango online tocreate and crowdsource their own flights to sporting events, weddings, concerts and getaway destinations. With JumpClub, launching in Q1 2016, Jumpers will be able to access guaranteed flights at Jump On’s lowest prices by committing to a minimum number of flights per year. www.gojumpon.com

 Jump Onis the brainchild of Roger Jewett, a Calgary entrepreneur and Chartered Account with a successful business track record as CEO of RareMethod and Twist Marketing and CFO of Enerjet and Resorts of the Canadian Rockies.


For more information or interviews with Roger Jewett, please contact:

Mr. Neil Bousquet APR, Media Relations, Jump On Flyaways, (250) 689-1856 prwizard@prwizard.ca

Mr. Roger Jewett C.A. CEO, Jump On Flyaways (403) 650-7718