1st crowdsourced flight created by Calgary customer is a GO!

Published Thursday, April 14, 2016



1st crowdsourced flight created by Calgary customer is a GO!

Steven Hoedel created his own travel experience by choosing the destination, date,

time and airplane and then invited his friends, family and colleagues to join him.


“In the evolving world of sharing communities and travel, our new crowdsourcing concept (JumpStart) is working,” explains Roger Jewett CEO, Jump On Flyaways. “Steven Hoedel has demonstrated how easy it is for travellers to take control of their personal travel experience using our crowdsourcing platform.”


“This is an awesome concept,” says JumpStart HeroSteven Hoedel who created a Calgary to Kelowna JumpStartfor the May 20-23 long weekend.  “With the price being so low, it was easy to generate interest and have people ‘Back’ the flight.” We're excited to meet up with friends in Kelowna and now we can afford to fly, rather than take the long drive."

Steven Hoedel (pictured above with his wife) is Jump On Flyaways’ first JumpStart Hero!


Adds Jewett, “We have 34 seats remaining on this 737 jet at more than 50% off peak time scheduled airline fares, which means that we still have room for more Albertans to Jump On board to the Okanagan May 20-23!”


Click here to find out how JumpStart 101 works (scroll to bottom of page) 

About Jump On!!    http://developer.linkedin.com/sites/default/files/LinkedIn_Logo60px.png 

Jump On Flyaways is a sharing community of like-minded travellers seeking low airfares and an improved travel experience. In 2013, Jump On created an airplane sharing service using idle aircraft and its Jumping Point concept to offer Jumpers a unique experience while saving 35%-65% off typical airline fares.


Jump On recently launched JumpStart, where Jumperscango online tocreate and crowdsource their own flights to sporting events, weddings, concerts and getaway destinations.


Jump Onis the brainchild of Roger Jewett, a Calgary entrepreneur and Chartered Account with a successful business track record as CEO of RareMethod and Twist Marketing and CFO of Enerjet and Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. 


For more information, interviews or hi-rez visuals, please contact:

Mr. Neil Bousquet APR, Media Relations, Jump On Flyaways, (250) 689-1856 prwizard@telus.net @prwizard

Mr. Roger Jewett C.A. CEO, Jump On Flyaways (403) 650-7718