Millrise Place Seniors' Assisted Living

Published Saturday, January 11, 2014

When is the right time to consider a move to Seniors’ Assisted Living?

“It’s not always easy for family members and caregivers to spot the early warning signs that may indicate that it’s time for their loved ones to consider a move to Seniors’ Assisted Living accommodation. That’s why we are sharing a short list of some of the more common traits to look for,” says Colleen Baxter, Marketing Director, Millrise Place, Seniors’ Assisted Living.

“It can be very difficult for aging parents and their family members to recognize when the time is right to consider moving out of their home,” explains Baxter.  “Children and caregivers of seniors may not be fully aware or may be in denial regarding the telltale signs indicating that it may be time to move mom or dad out of their home.  The whole process can be overwhelming.”

“What I can share from our own experiences, is that when seniors move to an Assisted Living Residence like Millrise Place, they are typically delighted with their new home and are often disappointed that they waited so long to make the move.”

Baxter pointed to a brief list of potential signs for families and caregivers to watch for when considering moving their loved ones out of their home.

1. The interior of the house is not being kept up as in the past. Clutter, laundry not done, dishes unwashed, food going bad in the fridge, dirty bathrooms, unopened or scattered mail.

2. The exterior of the house is showing signs of neglect. Poor yard maintenance, newspapers and flyers piling up at the doorway or mailbox. Unshovelled driveway and walkways.

3. An increase in personal mishaps around the house such as falls, bruises, cuts and unexplained injuries.

4. Personal hygiene. Not bathing regularly. Less interest in personal appearance. Clothes and hair may start to look unkept. Noticeable weight gain or weight loss.

5. Few social connections. Rarely go out of their home. Decrease in personal interests and social activities.

6. Simple banking and household money matters start to become daunting or confusing tasks.

clientuploads/14 Millrise Place - Aide takes time for resident - web.JPG 

Health Care Aides like Sadiri are known for stepping up to dance with residents during special events.

What we urge seniors and their family and caregivers to do before making any decisions is to check out assisted living accommodations first hand. It is wonderful when we meet with seniors who can be part of their own decision making process.  Not that they will move out of their home tomorrow, but more as a proactive step for the future.” 

“We encourage seniors and their caregivers to participate in a personalized walk-about tour and experience one of our daily activities or special functions to get a genuine sense of what actually happens within the Millrise Place community. We embrace the notion that seniors should get on living their life to the fullest.  It’s also good to plan ahead to get your name on a waiting list as there may not always be a suite available when the decision is made to move.” 

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The Sadie Hawkins Masquerade Party is a favourite fun event with Millrise Residents.

Adds Baxter, “It’s not uncommon to see seniors’ spirits lifted right after they move out of their home into our residence — because they feel wanted and needed — they find companionship with others and feel like they belong here — that Millrise Place is their new home.”

“Many residents enjoy and appreciate their relationships with our friendly, knowledgeable staff from the receptionists through to nursing, housekeeping, building maintenance, lifestyles, and the food service departments.  Our staff are truly passionate about making a difference in the lives of each of our residents every day. At Millrise Place we are very fortunate that we have some long-term employees who have been with us since we opened more than eight years ago.”

When asked about the real difference one might expect when moving from a house to an Assisted Living Residence – Baxter explained, “It’s really about making the transition from doing everything by yourself to condominium style living where all the services (e.g. meals, care, security, housekeeping and social activities) are managed by professional staff in a nurturing and compassionate environment where each resident is respected and treated with dignity. Then there are many value added features too, such an in-residence hairdresser, underground heated parking, beautiful outdoor garden courtyard and gazebo, and we are very close to public transportation and shopping.”

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Popular among the numerous lifestyle choices available to Millrise Place residents are the supervised bus trips to locations such as The Saskatoon Farm in Okotoks.

Baxter explains, “Our residents and their caregivers and families tell us that we stand out among Seniors’ Assisted Living Residences in Calgary. That I believe is because we have earned our reputation for providing excellence in seniors’ care.  That excellence stems from genuinely caring about the family of residents under our roof.”