Under The Mango Tree has Rosebud School of the Arts actors swinging in trees!

Published Sunday, August 26, 2012



Under The Mango Tree has Rosebud School of the Arts actors swinging in trees!

Playwright & producer Lennette Randall hopes her play will also raise money

for school tuition and fees for two children in Sierra Leone and the Gambia.



Twyla (Lennette Randall) traps Danny (Conrad Belau) under the Mango tree.


It's not often that theatre goers have the opportunity to watch actors swing from the branches of a real trees in an outdoor setting,  but that’s exactly what Rosebud School of the Arts student Lennette Randall is offering in Under The Mango Tree, a personal tribute to the people and stories of her African heritage, full of song, dance and above all, tree-climbing.


In addition to writing Under The Mango Tree, Randall is the play’s producer and stars in a lead role. Under The Mango Tree, is a story about a young student Twyla-Angel (Lennette Randall) who finds a resting place under a big tree.  It is a hideout up on a hill that overlooks her school campus.  Here she re-enacts African folk tales in desperate need to remind herself of the stories that made her fall in love with theatre. 


Twyla (Lennette Randall) and Danny (Conrad Belau) share their thoughts with each another.


However, her search for solace and isolation is quickly thwarted by Danny (Conrad Belau), a fellow student, who has already decided that the tree is “his spot”. As they engage in a battle for the tree, Twyla and Danny find themselves unexpectedly sharing with each other, both their stories and their lives. As Twyla is forced to engage in a relationship (in all its beautiful frustration) she discovers how friendship and faith can intersect, giving her new strength to face her fears.


Explains playwright Randall, “Our lives are full of stories. The question to be asked is:  Are you telling your stories, are you passing on your life? Under the Mango Tree, exists in the intersection of this truth.”


Randall was inspired to write and produce Under The Mango Tree as her graduating project for Rosebud School of the Arts after the passing of a number of close family members. “I mourn that I will never again sing over my Grandpa’s shoulder as he plays the piano, or sit in front of my Grandma as she recites poetry, or listen to my aunt tell me a story under a moonlit sky. As they all go, I realize I am forgetting the stories they told me while they were alive.” Her initial goal was to collect these stories and act them out as tribute, but she soon found that many of them had escaped her memory. “Decades of evenings of storytelling are slipping away from me much like these people and the life with them that I once knew.”


Twyla and Danny have some fun under the Mango tree.


Directed by Nathan Schmidt, Under The Mango Tree is a story about one woman’s journey to rise out of the dirt from which she came, embracing her memory with courage, and preparing herself for stories that are yet to come.


Under The Mango Tree August 31 - September 2, 2012

  • Friday, August 31st at 3:30pm
  • Saturday, September 1st with two shows at 2pm and 6pm and;
  • Sunday, September 2nd at 1pm. 


Special Preview for school groups and homeschoolers on Thursday 30th August at 12pm


The production takes place in an outdoor setting in Rosebud, behind the Church near the Labyrinth Tree.


Tickets are $10 before August 20 and $12 thereafter.   Call (403) 820 5570 or e-mail:  africanmangotree@gmail.com


In honour of Randall's aunt, a school teacher who often used her own salary to pay her students' tuition, $2 from each ticket sold will go toward paying school tuition and fees for two child in Sierra Leone and The Gambia. Additional donations are welcome.  Lennette is thankful for any and all donations.  Please contact her directly for more information on this cause.

Content Warning: Contains sensitive subject matter, appropriate for children six years and up, at parent’s discretion. (e.g. If you let your child watch The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings then they can see this show.)


CAST LIST:  Nathan Schmidt (Director); Conrad Belau (Danny), Lennette Randall (Twyla).


ARTISTIC & PRODUCTION PERSONNEL: Lennette Randall (playwright & producer); Samantha Showalter  (Stage Manager); Kelsey Krogman (Dramaturge); Deanne Bertsch (Choreographer);  Cassia Schramm (Music Director); Brynn Linsey  ( Props); Byron Linsey  (Set consultant); Jette Brown (Costume Designer); Cassandra Knight  (Production Asst.); Lewis Frere (Sound Technician).