Exceptional performances make musical as popular as ice cream

Published Thursday, June 7, 2012



Exceptional performances make musical as popular as ice cream



 Anne (Cassia Schramm) demonstrates her spoon ‘n egg technique


Rosebud Theatre’s summer production of the musical Anne of Green Gables has opened to rave reviews and tickets are selling like ice cream!  The popularity of the show has everything to do with the exceptional performances of its cast.

Cassia Schramm returns to the Rosebud stage in the title role and according to Artistic Director Morris Ertman. “She is quite simply one of the most wonderfully alive performers we've ever had on our stage. Anne of Green Gables is a deeply personal story for Cassia, and it shows in every way in her performance. She was made to play this role.”



Cassia Schramm (Anne) and David Snider (Matthew) have great on stage chemistry.


David Snider, whom patrons will remember for his role as Tevye in Rosebud’s production of Fiddler on the Roof, as well as Tent Meeting, The Secret Garden, and many more Rosebud Theatre shows, plays Matthew Cuthbert. “He has a stunning voice, and is a performer with an incredible depth of spirit,” says Ertman. “He and Cassia have marvelous chemistry on our stage in this story about a man who gets to become an adoptive father to a wonderful spark of a girl in the last years of his life.”



Marilla Cuthbert (Judith Buchan, right) has a powerful presence on stage.

In this scene Anne says a prayer with direction from Marilla.


Returning to the Rosebud stage since playing Miss Helen in The Road to Mecca is Judith Buchan as Marilla Cuthbert. Ertman is equally effusive: “Judy is a powerful presence on stage, and understands in her bones the taciturn spirit of the highly principled, but somewhat stuck Marilla Cuthbert. She also understands the potential for love that sits at the centre of Marilla. Her performance in this role is a highlight on our stage.”


Shauna Murphy serves as the pianist on this show, meaning she is the orchestra. “Shauna has been playing in our musicals in Rosebud for many years. She is an accomplished pianist, and in our production, is on stage with the action of the story often rotating around her. Music is at the centre of Anne of Green Gables in every way.”



Anne of Green Gables is a beloved story to a host of people for good reason. It's all about risking for and finding love. It's about second chances for people who have rejected or missed out on the possibility of love. It's a story about daring to be unique when everyone around you requires you to be the same.The small town characters are filled with humour. The story is filled with redemption. The company of performers is absolutely wonderful, and it all happens in the most idyllic setting in Alberta - Rosebud!


Anne of Green Gables, the musical, tells the story of the orphan Anne Shirley and how she changes the lives of the community of Avonlea. Among the lives changed by her are Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, the elderly brother and sister who adopt her even though they “clearly requested a boy” from the orphanage. The musical was adapted by Donald Harron, who best known his creation of the iconic Canadian comedic character Charlie Farquharson. (His version of Anne of Green Gables is the one performed at the Charlottetown Festival annually.) With music by Norman Campbell, from the novel by L.M. Montgomery. (Lyrics by Donald Harron and Norman Campbell, and additional lyrics by Mavor Moore and Elaine Campbell).  Anne of Green Gables runs May 25-August 25.  Purchase tickets at Rosebud Theatre, by calling 1-800-267-7553, or online