Rosebud announces winners in Anne of Green Gables Quilting Contest

Published Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Leona Storch - Hanna, Alberta


Rosebud announces winners in Anne of Green Gables Quilting Contest

10 winners chosen among 36 entries from Alberta and Saskatchewan


After a successful summer of all things “Anne,” Rosebud Theatre is pleased to announce the winners of its Anne-inspired quilt block contest. A total of 36 quilt blocks were received from across Alberta and Saskatchewan from quilters of many different experience levels (including Rose, a five-year-old who designed her block and helped Grandma "push buttons" to make it). Each entry one had a story to tell.


Each of the submissions was reviewed by a committee of three local quilters who narrowed them down to the 10 best blocks. These top 10 quilters each received one metre of specialty "Anne" fabric and were entered into a draw for three additional prizes. All 36 entries submitted will be stitched into two quilts and sold at a future Rosebud Theatre event. The top 10 quilters are as follows, and photographs of their entries can be found at


Win Waters - Innisfail, AB             Rose Ufland - Bowden, AB

Debra Isaac - Calgary, AB               Diane Andrews - Stettler, AB

Pamela F Prior - Calgary, AB          Ina Sanderman - Rosebud, AB

Denise Epp - Rosthern, SK                  Leona Storch - Hanna, AB

Deb Ellithorpe - Sundre, AB             Catherine Laycraft - Calgary, AB


From the top 10 list, we randomly drew the winners of our first, second and third prizes.


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1st Prize winner Ina Sanderman received two tickets to Rosebud Theatre’s production of Tuesdays with Morrie.

“The dress with Puffed Sleeves Matthew went to such lengths to get for her shows Anne how much she is loved.

We realize just how far into unknown territory we will go for someone we love.”


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2nd Prize winner Debra Isaac received a $50 gift certificate to Wild Horse Jack’s Bistro & Grill in Rosebud.

“This ‘Drunkard’s Path’ block represents Diana’s walk home after mistakenly indulging in red currant wine rather than the raspberry cordial Anne was meant to serve.”



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3rd Prize winner Rose Ufland received a $25 gift certificate to Rosebud Gifts & Crafts

“My inspiration for a block for a raffle quilt came from the backdrop of Anne’s Home. I had it created within the first five minutes of the play.

The warm glow of the dormer windows just had to be part of my block, which depicts Green Gables.”


Rosebud Theatre recently opened its fall production of Tuesdays with Morrie which runs on the Opera House stage through Oct. 20. Tuesdays with Morrie tells the true story of accomplished sports writer, Mitch Albom who reconnects with his former college professor, Morrie, after he sees him on TV and discovers that he is dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). What starts out as a renewal of their relationship evolves into a weekly Tuesday visit from Detroit to Boston where Mitch learns about the secrets of life and death from Morrie. The play was adapted by Jeffery Hatcher and Mitch Albom from the bestselling book by Mitch Albom. Purchase tickets at Rosebud Theatre, by calling 1-800-267-7553, or online \


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