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Published Saturday, March 22, 2014



Rosebud Filmmakers “Carl’s Way”

Nominated for Seven Alberta Film & Television Awards

Rosebud, Alberta  – “Carl’s Way”, a new film produced by a local Rosebud trio (Aaron Krogman, Royal Sproule and Jordan Cutbill, producers Smoke Signal Media) has been nominated for seven Alberta Film & Television Awardsincluding Best Dramatic Production over 30 Minutes.The 2014 Alberta Film & Television Awards will take place at a gala evening presentation on Saturday, April 12, at the TELUS Convention Centre in downtown Calgary.

   Click this link to view trailer for Carl’s Way by Smoke Signal Media

Two years ago, three Rosebud Theatre actors, Aaron Krogman, Royal Sproule and Jordan Cutbill launched their own production company called Smoke Signal Media. Within months they were approached by The Eastern Irrigation Historical Park, in Scandia, Alberta to write and produce the movie Carl’s Way, a story based on the life of Carl Anderson, the colourful farmer who managed to snag the Eastern Irrigation District from the CPR and put it into the hands of the farmers of Southern Alberta.

“We are delighted to have Carl’s Way nominated,” says art director and camera operator Royal Sproule.  “When we formed our film company, we dreamed of producing our first significant film in three to five years, so to get the opportunity so early on was is a big surprise and huge honour for us.”

Sproule points to one thing that has contributed to Smoke Signal Media’s success to date. “As soon as we got the assignment, we surrounded ourselves with experienced filmmakers.”

Sproule and his colleagues approached award-winning Albert filmmaker Francis Damberger to direct and Wes Doyle as Director of Photography. “Having two veterans like Francis and Wes guiding us through the shoot was the key to the success of Carl’s Way. It was amazing to watch them walk into a location, quickly eyeball it out and plan out where the cameras and the actors would be placed. This was a huge learning opportunity for us.”

The first screening of Carl’s Way will be in Brooks, Alberta on June 14th. The general public can view the film at the Eastern Irrigation District Historical Park in Scandia this summer.


Actor Travis Friesen as Carl Anderson and Cyra Roman Stolz as Minnie standing by irrigation ditch in movie Carl’s Way.