Jump On Flyaways is going to Las Vegas April 19-21!

First return flight scheduled for April 19-21

Published Monday, March 11, 2013


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Calgary-based tour company Jump On Flyaways has launched gojumpOn.com and posted its first getaway opportunity from Calgary to Las Vegas for the weekend of April 19, 2013.


“Canadians looking for a simple weekend getaway are frustrated with high fares or flying at inconvenient times to get a better fare,” says Roger Jewett, CEO of Jump On Flyaways.  “'Jump On offers the perfect weekend getaway with a direct flight, great departure times and a single low fare.” 


“We’ve made a huge effort to get the site launched and to negotiate the lowest possible flight price for our first trip,” adds Jewett. “We’re confident you will love the site, and that you’ll love our low fares even more!”



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 “The result of our efforts is by far the best Las Vegas weekend getaway deal available. We have a direct flight to Vegas, perfect departure times and a low return fare that’s up to 46% off the average lowest posted Expedia return fare over the next nine weeks. Visit www.gojumpOn.com to check out the details.”


Jump On’s first flight departs from Calgary to Las Vegas on Friday April 19th and returns to Calgary Sunday April 21st.  To offer the best possible price to travellers, Jump On flights depart only if the Jumping Point is reached (or a minimum number of seats are sold).


“We’ve added over 800 people to our database in the past month and sold 15 flights this week,” says Jewett. “We’re expecting sales to heat up over the next few weeks, so don’t wait too long to Jump On!”


 About Jump On!!    

Jump On is a Canadian owned tour company that provides weekend travellers with direct flights at peak times for one low fare.  Starting with service from Calgary to Las Vegas in April 2013, Jump On will add departure cities (e.g. Edmonton) and other destinations including Vancouver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Palm Springs, San Francisco and New Orleans as demand grows.  www.gojumpOn.com


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