Rosebud Music & Film Festival

Published Wednesday, August 31, 2016





September 4th – Noon ‘til Dusk

11th Annual 15 Minutes of Fame Rosebud’s Outdoor Music Festival


Short Form Film Festival  


Family friendly event has free parking and music ranging from Classical toCountry



Rosebud, Alberta “This is our biggest and best outdoor musical festival with more than 20 performances that will appeal to just about every musical taste,” says 15 Minutes of Fame Manager, Carmen Paterson. “This year we are very pleased to announce that we will also host a short form film festival produced by Six Two Productions along with Eric Pauls.”


Adds Paterson, “Our annual festival has awakened a performing arts culture that celebrates artistic diversity. Whether you’re dancing on your toes to a Canadian Badlands folk song, appreciating the thrill of rock n’ roll, or bopping in your lawn chair to some snappy Big Band – you’ll be swept into an experience you’ll never forget. Watch a 15 Minute live painting. Walk down Vendors Lane. Take in Artist Alley. Eat Ice Cream! 15 Minutes of Fame is created by you, for you!”

2016 Festival Entertainment Lineup (in random order) 


Garfield Sproule (Rosebud, AB)


Badland Boars (Rosebud, AB)


3 Roses & Thorn (Rosebud, AB)


Steel & Timber (Calgary, AB)


Karla Adolphe (High River, AB)


Joal Kamps (Calgary, AB


Alicia Ward & Chenise Mitchell (Calgary, AB


Zach Habermehl (Rosebud, AB)


Divided by J (Three Hills, AB)


Workshop: Me & the Mrs. (Rosebud, AB) the Dearhearts, (Rosebud, AB) Fig and Flame, (Calgary, AB)


The Good Neighbours (Calgary, AB)


Christina Colyn (Calgary, AB)


Union Choir (Calgary, AB)


Randall Wiebe (Rosebud, AB)


Kathryn Smith (Calgary, AB)


Rebecca Lappa (Calgary, AB)


Rosebud River Valley Boys (Rosebud, AB)


Marie Russell (Rosebud, AB)


cid:image006.jpg@01D1FC77.0566DC70KARLA ADOLPHE’s music is a tent revival in your heart, head and soul. Her folky guitar supports a HUGE voice and her pop hooks transition straight into old-timey gospel shouts. Be prepared for a moving personal experience. What a voice! Gauthier is a #15FameFest veteran, and this year she's formed a beautiful duo with Sonia Deleo to create The Fig & The Flame!  Natalie Inga Gauthier and Sonia Deleo formed a duo for a tour in January 2016, coinciding with the opening of Calgary's Music Mile. After the success of this experiment, they've taken the plunge and become ..."The Fig & The Flame", gracing stages including Wine-Ohs, Legacy Guitar House, The Ironwood, East Coulee Springfest, Jasper Folk Fest, The Olive Bistro, and more. They met through theatre in 2013, while playing Trojan Women in a feminist theatre cabaret in Calgary, and the Universe led them to this friendship and musical collaboration when the timing was right.


cid:image007.jpg@01D1FC77.0566DC70CHRISTINA COLYN’s distinctivelyrical themes provide a rich and meaningful experience for the earnest listener. Her demeanour, being curiously accessible, beckons one to join in feeling as deeply as she does in the moments shared together. The sound produced from Christina Colyn has been described as being unexpectedly pronounced. Currently in the studio, working alongside producer Steve Dierkens of Studio D Productions, this project is due to be released in late Fall, 2016.,h_216,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/5add96_e44d772800f149159c3c8a024c78bab0~mv2_d_4240_2832_s_4_2.jpgYoung Neighbours is a four piece band based in Calgary. Led by Eric Pauls they began as a Post Rock experiment in 2014 but have quickly evolved or devolved into something more rooted in folk. Choosing sparseness whenever possible, they try to create stories with every song through both lyrics and music. Their debut LP, "The Landscaper", was released on Sept 26th, 2015. Beatroute Magazine called it "The perfect soundtrack for long walks in the snow at night.” Wiebe - Artist will be doing another one of his legendary 15 Minute Portraits this year! Are you lucky enough to be chosen? Come join us on September 4 to find out!


 cid:image009.png@01D1FC77.0566DC70JOAL KAMPS is a free-spirited singin’, songwritin’, storytellin’ sensation – passionate about connecting with people through music and laughter. His honest and engaging approach to performing draws listeners in and by blending storytelling with songwriting, Kamps creates “Rocky Mountain Folk-Pop” songs filled with rich stories of human experience inspired by Canadian history, rocky mountain folklore, and his own personal journey. Joal has recently begun performing as a duo with his wife Lauren and together they have toured throughout western Canada and Europe, having most recently returned from a successful tour of the Netherlands earlier this year. They are currently expecting their first child in the fall.


cid:image025.jpg@01D1FC77.1BC4B8C0REBECCA LAPPA, the 2015 Canadian Folk Music Awards and 2015 Edmonton Music Awards winner has been wowing audiences with her unique brand of alt-pop/folk. With comparisons to Florence and the Machine, Rebecca delivers music inspired by history, poetry and life events spun with romance, intelligent wit or raw edginess. This 2013/2015 Calgary Folk Festival Songwriting winner brings a wealth of songs to each performance. She’s performed at the Edmonton, Calgary and Canmore Folkfests. She’s showcased at the Juno’s TD Green Room, St. John CFMAs, Calgary CFMAs, Edmonton CFMAs, Edmonton CCMA Livestock Stage, Folk Music Ontario, Folk Alliance International, SongRise Conference, and as the “Young Albertan” @ Arts Touring Alliance of Alberta 2013 Showcase.  Rebecca’s 6th CD, produced by Russell Broom and funded by a Factor Juried Sound Recording grant will be released this fall.  Her music has been played across Canada, reaching Top 10 on Earshot’s National Folk/Roots/Blue charts.


cid:image012.png@01D1FC77.0566DC70DIVIDED BY J is a dance band that tries to play music that lots of people like, but few bands play. We want to keep challenging ourselves musically, but without losing the fun factor. If you're wondering about the name, save yourself the headache. Even the explanation hasn't made sense in years! Just come and have fun!


Image may contain: 6 people , child and outdoorUnion Choir - One of the great things about #15FameFest is the many different types of musicians we get on our stage - not just skilled folk singers, but beautiful choirs too! And everything in between! Like the great group that is The Union Choir!  Named after the Union Cemetery which hosts the yearly Equinox Vigil, Union Choir is more than a collection of like-minded individuals. The Union Choir, at its core, is a group of musical friends, but at its heart is a family – the type of family that you choose. Member numbers vary, with friends stepping in and out to accommodate busy, happy lives, but the soul remains

 cid:image026.jpg@01D1FC77.1BC4B8C0STEEL AND TIMBER -  During the summer of 2014, Calgary’s Edworthy Park was a convenient place to jam.  What banjo player Nathan H-Thompson and guitarist Ben Rogalsky didn’t expect, was for passers-by to take interest in their music and start giving them money.  As the coins and album requests added up, these accidental buskers decided to take this seriously and Steel & Timber was born.  Within a short time, their energetic performances earned them invitations to farmers markets, small festivals, charity events, and private functions in Calgary and surrounding area.


cid:image027.jpg@01D1FC77.1BC4B8C0KP SMITH - A combination of folk, indie, and curious lyrics, KP Smith considers herself a new and eager singer songwriter in the Calgary music scene. Her songs have been described as unusual, unique, and darkly funny. In May of 2016, KP Smith won the Ship and Anchor Untapped Newcomer Song Writer award and since then has released her first solo EP and has tried to navigate the busy music scene. KP was first seen at 15 Minutes of Fame last year as a part of the Southern Alberta Songwriters team, and is thrilled to return with her own set,h_216,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/5add96_7dac6ccec09245c2b67c4d59cd9fe444.jpgTHE DEARHEARTS are three girls playing tiny instruments from a tiny hamlet called Rosebud. Alix Cowman, Lauren de Graaf, and Lauren Hamm met while attending Rosebud School of the Arts, where they discovered their shared love for all things bluegrass and jazz. That love finds its way into their music through their smooth 3-part harmonies and toe-tapping beats. These three women will tug at your heartstrings with their soaring harmonies and tickle your funny bone with their quick wit. The Dearhearts are sweet, sassy, and simply delightful.


2016 Festival Film Lineup

Six Two Productions along with Eric Pauls present a short form film festival featured at the 15 Minutes of Fame, taking place sept 4th in Rosebud, AB.



Feature films include (in random order):


Refocus/Night Ideas by Jaimie Stewart


Leave them Laughing by Eric Pauls


Underwear Skateboarding by Joses Martin


Glue by Michal Lavi


Rosebery by Jay Lawrence and Locke Vincent


Claudio by Kevin Kirkpatrick


Lucidity by Michael Janke



WHO & WHAT: 15 Minutes of Fame Music Festival – Rosebud (the hamlet’s) 11th annual outdoor Music Festival. a diverse, one-day music festival featuring an eclectic mix of established artists as well as up-and-coming and amateur musicians. Also enjoy local arts & crafts vendors, great food & beverages and ice cream.


WHERE & WHEN:  West Opera House Square (on Main Street between the Opera House and the Thorny Rose Cafe) in Rosebud, Alberta, on Sunday, August 30 of the Labour Day Weekend. Festival operates from 12:00 PM until dusk (with gates opening at 11:00 AM)



COST:  Advance tickets are $20 (individuals) or $45 (family). Tickets in day of event are $25 (individuals) or $50 (family) Age four and under get in free. Purchase Tickets OnlineTickets will also be sold during the Festival at 15 Minutes of Fame Box Office Tent on Main Street. Tickets purchased on the day of the event are cash only.



What to bring to the festival: This is an outdoor festival, so bring all-weather duds, a blanket or tarp and low-sitting lawn chairs (tall lawn chairs will only be allowed at the back and along the edges). Do Not bring alcoholic beverages. Wine and beer are available at the Thorny Rose Café.


What types of food will be available at the festival? Wild Horse Jack’s will be serving up their signature BBQ recipes. Ginger Hutchison will have her usual favorites available at the Thorny Rose Café. You also can enjoy a refreshing beer or glass of wine in her outdoor garden space. You can finish off by scooping up a cool treat at Sarah’s Ice Cream! Bring your appetite.


About Rosebud’s 15 Minutes of Fame Music Festival cid:image018.png@01D1FC77.0566DC70 cid:image019.png@01D1FC77.0566DC70 cid:image028.png@01D1FC77.1BC4B8C0


15 Minutes of Fame began in 2006, when two local artists combined parties and emerged with one fantastic celebration. Each year the event has evolved to encompass more elements of art and to grow in attendance. The festival has become about celebrating emerging arts that evoke the human senses.


Purchase Tickets online:





For more information, interviews and hi-rez visuals, please contact:        

Carmen Paterson, Event Manager, (587) 435-5624  


Neil Bousquet APR, Media Relations, (250) 689-1856 (including texting)  @prwizard










What is the Festival date and time?
Sunday, September 4, 2016
West Opera House Square, Rosebud, Alberta
Doors open at 11 AM, Performances noon to dusk


Where is the Festival?
The Rosebud Music Festival is located in Rosebud, Alberta, Canada. It is centrally staged on the green space between the Opera House Stage and the Thorny Rose Café on Main Street.


Where is the Entrance?
The entrance to the Festival is at the intersection of Main Street and Highway 840.


Is parking available?
Parking is free. You are free to park on the street in designated areas. There is also parking available outside Rosebud Community Hall. Please do not park on residential and private properties.


Is there an ATM in Rosebud?

No. Please remember to bring cash to purchase tickets to enter the festival or purchase from vendors.





Where can I purchase tickets?
Pre-sale tickets can be purchased by calling the Rosebud Theatre box office at 1-800-867-7553.


Tickets will also be sold during the Festival at 15 Minutes of Fame Box Office Tent on Main Street.


Can tickets be refunded or exchanged?
No. All ticket sales are final and non-refundable unless the show is canceled or postponed. No exchanges will be allowed.


What is the policy on re-entry?
Re-entry is acceptable with festival wristband.


Food & Beverages


Can I bring water to the Festival? 
Yes. We also will be also providing low-cost water at the 15 Minutes of Fame Tent. Tap water in Rosebud is not considered to be the popular choice for consumption.


What food will be available at the festival?

Wild Horse Jack’s will be serving up their signature BBQ recipes. Ginger Hutchison will have her usual favorites available at the Thorny Rose Café. You also can enjoy a refreshing beer or glass of wine in her outdoor garden space. You can finish off by scooping up a cool treat at Sarah’s Ice Cream! Bring your appetite!


Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages or buy them at the festival?
No. The green space is not zoned for liquor consumption. If you would like to have an alcoholic beverage, you can purchase and consume it at the Thorny Rose Café. The outdoor garden is adjacent to the green space, with a great viewpoint to the stage.



I have questions about accommodations. Is there someone I can get in touch with?
Feel free to email us with any of your accommodation questions.


Also consider the following options:

If you are looking for local accommodations for a night or two, please consider the following:


  • The Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast

  • Actor’s Studio Bed & Breakfast

  • Rosebud County Inn 



If you have a RV or prefer to camp please check out:


  • Akokiniskway Golf Course and Campgrounds: 

  • High Eagle RV Resort





Are lawn chairs permitted?
Yes, but we ask that if you have a raised lawn chair that you sit closer to the back of the green space in order to maximize the viewing space. You are welcome to bring blankets.


Are strollers permitted?


Are service dogs permitted?
Yes. Other pets are permitted on leash.


Can I bring audio recording equipment?
Audio recording is not permitted at the festival.


Is there a lost and found?
Lost and found will located at the 15 Minutes of Fame Tent. After the festival, to inquire about lost and found items contact


Will there be First Aid on site?
Medical staff will be on site for the duration of the festival. The Medical Tent is located on Main Street close to the 15 Minutes of Fame Tent, labelled with a red cross.


Are cameras permitted?
Yes.  However, we ask that your equipment does not interfere with the viewing of the festival.


How do I apply for a photo pass?
If you are a photographer on assignment, please email your credentials to




For more information, interviews and hi-rez visuals, please contact:


Ms. Carmen Paterson, Festival Manager, (587) 435-5624


Mr. Neil Bousquet APR, Media Relations, (250) 689-1856 (including texting) @prwizard