5th Annual Toothfairy Fundraiser a Success!

Published Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Children’s Foundation recently held its annual gala at the Westin in Calgary. The night seemed to have been taken straight from a fairy tale. It began with a grand entrance, led the seven board members and three Gold Sponsors (Aurum Ceramic Lab, Style Realty and SNC Law) into the whimsically decorated ballroom.  The evening featured a martini- two young ballerinas from Alberta Ballet dispensing ice sculpture, a photo booth, and delicious dinner and wine.   click on the following YouTube link to see a video of gala.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jm91qist_50

clientuploads/12 Toothena Sophie violin WEBSITE.jpg                                          Violinist Sophie Serafino entertains gala audience up close and personal. Photo Credit: Julie Jenkins

The evening also boasted a performance by world-renowned violinist Sophie Serafino (http://www.sophieserafino.com) who enthralled guests with her unique, high-energy show. In addition, highly sought after speaker Alvin Law (www.alvinlaw.com), who was born with no arms due to the morning sickness drug, Thalidomide, gave a masterful presentation. Alvin captivated guests with his story making them laugh, reflect and feel grateful for their lives. Alvin’s presentation concluded with him playing the drums with his feet – an amazing sight to see!

 Following dinner, board members reminded guests why they believe the mission of the foundation – To provide every child worldwide with a toothbrush, education and access to dental care – is vital for children’s health and well-being. Nine-year old Olivia Gill debuted the new Project ToothBrush jingle, promoting an initiative aimed at getting dentists and their patients involved in the foundation. Some board members even sported tutu’s to help promote the project!

   clientuploads/12 Toothena  Olivia & CoraMarie Reduced.jpg                                          Nine-year old Olivia Gill debuted the new Project ToothBrush jingle. Photo Credit: Julie Jenkins

Both a live and silent auction was included in the evening. The silent auction featured over 90 items, bidders were bidding on everything from gift certificates, a San Francisco shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue, and a wine country golf getaway. The live auction had attendees bidding on items such as a keynote presentation by Alvin law, a bedroom suite, and a locker room visit with the Calgary Stampeders. A trip for two to the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida, was also featured in the live auction and ended in a showdown between two guests – ultimately two trips were made available allowing them both to be winners!

All funds raised throughout the evening have helped the foundation meet this year’s goal of putting 250,000 toothbrushes into the hands of children worldwide. In addition to the toothbrushes, oral hygiene education for children in need in both Canada and developing countries is provided. Every child deserves a toothbrush and the chance to have a healthy smile. 

clientuploads/12 Toothena Alvin drums Reduced.jpg                                          Armless motivational speaker Alvin Law demonstrates how he plays the drums using his feet Photo Credit: Julie Jenkins

About The Tooth Fairy Children’s Foundation

The Tooth Fairy Children’s Foundation has a vision to lead 100% of children to dental health by providing every child worldwide with a toothbrush, oral hygiene education and access to dental care. The Foundation educates and builds awareness of the dental needs of children globally. Funds raised will be allocated to volunteers to provide oral health care, dental supplies, education, and hygiene services for children in need. Together with YOU, the Foundation can make a difference in a child’s life. www.toothfairykids.org, www.toothenathetoothfairy.com