2015 Passion Play

Published Tuesday, March 31, 2015





Drumheller, Alberta (March 31, 2015) -- This July the Canadian Badlands Passion Play will celebrate its 22nd season with nine final performances of the ‘Gospel of John’. 


“More than 50,000 people have seen the John script in the past four seasons and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive,” says Vance Neudorf, Executive Director, The Canadian Badlands Passion Play. “95% of the reviews on Trip Advisor have given the play five stars. Although the stunning natural amphitheatre plays a great role, the phenomenal success of this is due to the long-term dedication of more than 200 volunteer actors. Without them this would just be another Canadian Badlands valley, beautiful to see but devoid of life.” 


The volunteer performers begin arriving at the Passion Play’s beautiful riverside campground on the May long weekend and everyone is excited and anticipating the start of rehearsals. That energy and enthusiasm binds the Passion Play acting community together and then flows through every rehearsal and permeates every performance. 

Lifelong friendships are formed on stage, in the dining hall, and around campfires. They already miss the play in the fall, long for it in the winter and count down the days in the spring. Seven rehearsal weekends and the nine July performance weekends fly by and at the closing night party there is both joy and sorrow. Together these volunteers have created something truly great and now they must say goodbye until the next Canadian Badlands Passion Play season. It is no wonder that many of the actors and their families have come back to act in the play year after year.


Adds Neudorf, “As an organization we are dependent on our volunteer actors. Anyone is welcome to join us even if you have little or no acting, singing or dancing experience. If you are good with farm animals or can play a musical instrument we can also put your talents to good use.”


Performing in the play is the experience of a lifetime and is open to any age or skill level. To register to become part of the volunteer cast community go to www.CanadianPassionPlay.com and look under the “Act in the Play” tab, or call (403) 823-2001. There is also an open house from 10 AM – 4 PM, each day over the Easter Weekend and a sunrise service at 8:30 AM on Easter Sunday. Stop by for a “behind the scenes” look at the Passion Play site or to talk to our staff about being an actor in the 2015 Canadian Badlands Passion Play.

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play - Celebrating its 22nd season in 2015

Since its first performance in 1994, The Canadian Badlands Passion Play has gained provincial, national and international reputation as one of North America’s top ‘must see’ cultural and tourism events. Located near Drumheller, Alberta approximately 90 miles northeast of Calgary, the annual ‘Theatre in the Badlands’ attraction provides its audiences with a dramatic retelling of the life of Jesus Christ. The 200+ performer play is supported by 200 other volunteers and is presented in a 30-acre natural badlands canyon bowl whose stark and dramatic geographical surroundings mirror those of ancient Israel. In 2015, The Canadian Badlands Passion Play will have nine performances that will take place July 10-26. www.canadianpassionplay.com 1-888-823-2001. @CBPassionPlay  Like us on Facebook



To arrange for hi-rez photos and/or interviews with directors and actors, please contact Neil Bousquet.

Mr. Neil Bousquet APR, Media Relations, The Canadian Badlands Passion Play (250) 689-1856 prwizard@prwizard.ca @prwizard @CBPassionPlay

Mr. Vance Neudorf, Executive Director, The Canadian Badlands Passion Play, (403) 425-0303 vance.neudorf@gmail.com