Ivrnet’s new safeTeam application promotes safety by allowing employees to check in during onsite client visits

Published Monday, October 29, 2012

Ivrnet’s new safeTeam application is winner with Alberta cities

Cell phone application promotes safety by allowing employees to check in during onsite client visits

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“Since our summer launch of safeTeam, a cell phone based application that provides an instant emergency notification system for employees working alone or while they visit with clients, is catching on with Alberta cities,” says Ivrnet president and ceo, David Snell.


“We have signed engagements with the City of Edmonton’s Facilities Maintenance and Corporate Services departments. We are also conducting pilot projects with the City of Airdrie and the City of Lethbridge.”


Snell adds “There are many organizations that send employees directly to a client’s site. SafeTeam allows these organizations to provide a high level of safety for their workers through an automated Emergency Notification System.  Ivrnet’s safeTeam cell phone application is designed to provide employees with an instant solution if their personal safety is compromised at any time during their visit. Real-time staff location updates, current mileage reports, and customized escalation processes are all easily configured through the safeTeam web application.  It is also comforting for visiting employees to know that they have a safety mechanism if their visit develops into an unsafe situation.”   


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Features and benefits of Ivrnet’s safeTeam application include:

•Real-time data provides the current location of field staff viewable from any web-enabled device.

•Telephone and email alerts are securely and automatically delivered if a safety concern is suspected.

•Safety protocols and triggered alerts are customized according to your escalation requirements.

•Emergency distress alerts can be set to instantly notify team members that a lone worker is at risk.

•No additional equipment is required; only access to a telephone in the field and an internet connection in the home office.

•Online mileage reports are instantly updated with each check-in call and can be exported into Excel.


CLICK THIS LINK  to watch a brief YouTube video demonstrating how Ivrnet’s safeTeam application works.


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