Jump On Flyaways announces the “Jump On Sell Off” concept for Vancouver-Calgary

One-way price will decline (to a set minimum) until all seats are sold

Published Wednesday, July 24, 2013


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Beginning July 24, 2013 at 8:00 AM MST, upstart tour company Jump On Flyaways is taking their weekend travel concept (direct flights at peak times for one low fare) to the next level with the introduction of the Jump On Sell Off.  

On the new concept of the Single Jump and Jump On Sell Off, Jump On CEO Roger Jewett commented “This is really a test, an experiment if you will. We don’t think it’s been done before in the Canadian airline industry. As a small company we have the ability to try new things, so why not?”



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Here’s how it works:

1)     Jump On has announced a flight from VANCOUVER-CALGARY on Friday, August 30, 2013 at a great low price. The flight will be delivered by Jump On’s airline partner Enerjet.

2)     During a one day sale starting Wednesday July 24, 2013 at 8:00 AM MST, Jump On will begin to lower its one-way fare by $5-$10 per hour (to a certain minimum price) until all of the seats are Booked or the sale period expires.

3)     The flight will be confirmed a Go if Jump On achieves sufficient revenue to at least cover the direct costs of the flight.

4)     If the flight is not a Go, Jump On will contact its confirmed Bookers and give them an opportunity to Top Up their fare, to make the flight a Go (see terms and conditions at www.gojumpOn.com).

“Our first flight opportunity under the Jump On Sell Off format is a Single Jump. A Single Jump is a return flight between two cities on the same day (two, one-way flights). Only one-way seats are available on a Single Jump, as the flight will return to the departure city immediately. A Jumper may Book a one way seat on either segment of the flight,” says Jewett.

“Our first route is Calgary-Vancouver-Calgary,” says Jewett. “So, you can Book a one-way seat from Vancouver to Calgary or Calgary to Vancouver. As awareness and demand builds, we’ll add additional (return) flights,” explains Jewett.

All Jump On Bookings are subject to Jump On confirming that the fight is a Go, within 48 hours of the sale period. The flight will be confirmed a Go if sufficient revenue is achieved on both segments of the flight to at least cover the direct costs of the flight.

Check out the July 24th Jump On Sell Off pricing schedule at www.gojumpOn.com.

About Jump On!!

Jump On Flyaways is a Candian owned tour company that provides weekend travellers with direct flights at peak times for one low fare.  Jump On will continue to add departure cities (e.g. Edmonton) and other destinations including Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Palm Springs, San Francisco and New Orleans as demand grows.  www.gojumpon.com