JUMP ON FLYAWAYS makes Coming Home for the Holidays possible

Published Monday, November 17, 2014


                               How high will Christmas holiday season airfares go?


          Jump On Flyaways brings travellers ‘Home for the Holidays’ with affordable fares between Kelowna andCalgary


The Christmas holiday season is the most expensive time to fly in Canada. Airlines take advantage of this peak travel period to increase fares because there is little competition. This year is no different.


To illustrate this point, Roger Jewett, CA, CEO of Jump On Flyaways tracked airfares on popular dates between Calgary and Kelowna over the one month period Oct 7-Nov 8. 


“From Oct 7 to Nov 8, one-way fares from Calgary to Kelowna increased by up to $171 or 86%,” says Jewett.Also, one-way fares from Kelowna to Calgary increased by up to $125 or 95%.”(see charts below and full analysis at www.gojumpOn.com)


With only a few weeks before the holiday travel season begins, there is ample time for airlines to increase fares even more. How high do you think they will go?


Add the recent $25 bag fee charge each way and it’s quite likely a holiday traveller will pay more than $600 to fly between Calgary and Kelowna this holiday season.


Jump On Flyaways has decided to do something about it by offering affordable fares to get people “Home for the Holidays”.


Jump On has scheduled several low cost flights between Calgary and Kelowna that are about 50% off the price of typical holiday fares.

See flight information, pricing and details  http://www.gojumpon.com/flights/


(Editors:  for full details click on From Calgary to Kelowna buttons and then click on From Kelowna to Calgary buttons)


Sample pricing:

Direct Calgary-Kelowna

Just $159.00 (one-way)

Including $44.69 taxes, fees and charges.

Saturday Dec 2

Offer closes Dec 13 @ 8:00 PM (MT)

Operated by Flair Air

Direct Kelowna-Calgary

Just $109.00 (one-way)

Including $27.31 taxes, fees and charges.

Saturday Dec 20

Offer closes Dec 13 @ 8:00 PM (MT)
Operated by Flair Air 

Jumpers can book a one-way or return trip and save hundreds of dollars, making holiday travel a possibility. 




Roger Jewett, CA, CEO of Jump On Flyaways (Photo Credit: Ben Sy)


To interview Roger Jewett about his research, and a possible solution to high airfares, please call 403-650-7718 or email roger.jewett@gojumpon.com.


Chart 1: Lowest available one-way prices Calgary to Kelowna: 


Oct 7 (1)

Nov 8 (2)


% increase






Dec 17





Dec 23





Dec 28





Dec 30





Dec 31






Chart 2: Lowest available one-way prices Kelowna to Calgary:


Oct 7 (1)

Nov 8 (2)


% increase






Dec 27





Dec 28





Dec 29





Dec 30





Dec 31








  1. Research completed on Expedia Oct 7/14. Lowest available one-way price available.

  2. Research completed on Expedia Nov 8/14. Lowest available one-way price available.


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