Twist Marketing and AlbertaSW EDA Awards

Published Sunday, April 22, 2012


Twist Marketing client Alberta SouthWest wins three Awards of Excellence

from Economic Developers Alberta



 Celebrating Alberta SouthWest’s three Awards of Excellence from Economic Developers Alberta are (l to r) Shawn Patience AlbertaSW Chair & Mayor, Town of

Fort Macleod; Bev Thornton, Executive Director, AlbertaSW Regional Economic Development Alliance, and Catherine Proulx Managing Director, Twist Marketing.



With a little help from Twist Marketing the Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance captured three Awards of Excellence at the recent Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) annual awards.


The three awards included the following:


Award of Excellence - Special Events, Programs or Campaigns (Large Community) -  for its Regional Marketing Campaign


Award of Excellence - Creative Innovations (Large Community) – for its Man on the Street interviews and video project.

The “Man on the Street” project is an innovative approach to engaging the communities (within AlbertaSW) to help create an authentic, regional promotional video and generate awareness of the new AlbertaSW website.


Award of Excellence - Social Media in a Marketing Campaign (Large Community) – for its use of social media strategies


“As the marketing agency working with The Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance, we are absolutely thrilled with their three Awards of Excellence,” says Catherine Proulx, Twist Marketing’s Managing Director. “We are delighted with the recognition that these three awards represent.  Working with AlbertaSW and its large stakeholder base challenged us in every way to achieve excellence. At the end of the day we helped them achieve the recognition they deserve for raising the economic development profile of the AlbertaSW region.”


“We are very pleased at being recognized for our collective efforts,” says Bev Thornton, Executive Director, Alberta SouthWest Regional Economic Development Alliance.  “I think it just goes to show that rural municipalities, towns and villages can compete at a very high level when we work together as a team rather than trying to go it alone.  Twist Marketing provided the professional expertise, partnership and mentoring that helped us achieve our shared goals.”


Proulx explained that the theme for AlbertaSW’s overall marketing campaign was ‘Real People, Real Places, Real Alberta’. “Within that framework, we had several objectives which I believe we have achieved.” These included the following.

-Establish an online audience for future regional marketing activities

-Increase the volume and quality of traffic to the regional websites

-Enhance a collaborative environment for businesses and tourism operators to work together to promote AlbertaSW

-Engage youth, the business community, municipalities and the public in the AlbertaSW region

-Foster pride in the AlbertaSW region by celebrating its “real people and real places”


About EDA

Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) is Alberta’s economic development network dedicated to advancing the economic development profession in the province of Alberta by providing an active network of communications, information and education. It is a not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors, who represent the interests of its membership as a whole.


About AlbertaSW              

Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance (AlbertaSW) is a group of 15 communities, working together for regional economic development. The collaborative initiatives focus on creating the right environment in which balanced growth can occur, increasing prosperity for all members. Alberta SouthWest represents a total membership population just over 33,000 and covers an area of 16,705 km2. What defines AlbertaSW is commitment to rural communities and pride in quality of life and opportunity. The communities endeavour to help each other succeed, knowing that when one community thrives, there is the potential for every community to benefit.


About Twist Marketing

Twist Marketing, a leader in branding,  engagement and communications, has been serving North American clients for more than 10 years. Organizations trust Twist Marketing to deliver business results, not just business exposure. They do this by challenging convention and providing a unique combination of strategic insight, creative ideas and innovative solutions that work.