Bard is back in the Badlands

Published Sunday, August 16, 2015

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Suspension of Disbelief Theatre brings Shakespeare Comedy 12th Night to Forum Amphitheatre

11 performances -- August 29, Sept. 5 & 6 @2:00 PM and August 23, 27-29, Sept. 3-6 @7:00 PM

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“Bard is back in the Badlands,” says director Brad G. Graham. “We are delighted to bring theatre audiences eleven performances of comic relief with William Shakespeare’s 12th Night.” 


For those unfamiliar with the romantic comedy, Graham explains: “12th Night is a story of mistaken identity. It’s about twins Viola and Sebastian, who are separated in a tragic shipwreck. Each believes the other is dead.  Masquerading as a young boy, Viola is hired by Duke Orsino, in his courtship of Lady Olivia. In a twist and turn of fate, Viola falls for the Duke.The situation gets more complicated when Sebastian arrives and is quickly mistaken for his sister, the disguised Viola, and finds himself married to Olivia. 


Adds Graham, “When identity is mistaken, on purpose, by accident or trickery among hysterical characters, it can’t help but create hilarity and unrestrained laughter in one Shakespeare’s favourite ‘dressed in disguise’ comedies.”

Audiences are going to love the performances of seasoned cast members including: Glenda Warkentin (Olivia), Kelsey Krogman (Feste the fool) and Andrew Cooper (Sir Andrew Aguecheek). Other returning cast members include Caleb Gordon (Malvolio) and Randall Wiebe (Starbuck, the ship captain). New to our stage are Alixandra Cowman (Viola), Daniel Fong (Count Orsino), Sarah Spicer (Antonia), Byron Linsey (Sir Toby Belch) and Kendra Hutchinson (Maria). 

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(l-r) Glenda Warkentin (Olivia), Kendra Hutchinson (Maria) and Andrew Cooper (Sir Andrew Aguecheek)



Forum Amphitheatre, Canadian Passion Play grounds, Drumheller, Alberta.

August 23, 27-29, September 3-6 at 7:00 PM

August 29, September 5 & 6 – 2:00 PM

Our Performance runs approximately 80 minutes with no intermission.


COST:  All tickets are Pay What You Will.  Contact us on  or at www.suspensionofdisbelief.cato let us know when you are coming to see Shakespeare’s 12th Night. clientuploads/15 The Forum Pic.jpgForum Amphitheatre, Canadian Badlands Passion Play grounds.


What to bring to the play: This is an outdoor play.  Bring your stadium cushion or picnic blanket and a cool drink and enjoy a summer evening! Lawn chairs are permitted, but only across the back row of the amphitheatre. As an outdoor performance Twelfth Night is performed in various weather conditions. There are times when we may need to pause the show for a short time.  If it appears that dangerous conditions (lightning, wind) may develop, we will cancel the show and advise you to move to your vehicle. For the safety of all, please exit in a controlled manner. 

About Suspension of Disbelief Theatre

Founded in 2012, Suspension of Disbelief Theatre is dedicated to quality live theatre presentation and training. We're big fans of Shakespeare, but we tackle all kinds of projects! One big impetus for starting this company and doing Shakespeare, was this great new space called the Forum that the Canadian Badlands Passion Play has created on their site in Drumheller, Alberta! 


How we arrived at our name. Suspension of Disbelief is a term of art that often gets introduced to in theatre school.  In the typical context it has to do with Audience and Artist choosing together to ignore the fact they are in a theatre, to Suspend their Disbelief and imagine together all that could be in the story they are telling and witnessing.