‘3’s for These’

Published Monday, April 27, 2015




The Tooth Fairy Children’s Foundation launches 3sforThesecampaign

Just $33.33 puts 100 tooth brushes into the hands of children who don’t have any!


(Calgary,Alberta)–Apriis National Oral Health Awareness Month and in support, the Calgary-based Tooth airyChildrensFoundation has launched its new 3sforThese fundraising campaign aimed at placing toothbrushes into the hands of children (who don’t have one) locally, nationally and around the world.


We can make a huge impact for a very small amount of money, says CoraMarieClark,CEOandFounder, The ToothFairyChildrensFoundation. “For just $33.33, together we can impact the lives of 100 children and create 100 smiles!


CoraMarie Clark, CEO and Founder,

The Tooth Fairy Children’s Foundation.


 According to the World Health Organization 90 percent of children in developing countries do not have tooth decay treated. Closer to home, there are many communities in Canada where lack of basic dental care is an issue.


It’s shocking how many children dont have a toothbrush, even in Canada, explains Clark.“This campaign is to help raisawarenessand funds to  help solve this problem.


“For just $33.33 (about the price of a10 tooth brushes in North America), donors can provide 100 toothbrushes to children in need, put smiles on their faces and make a real difference.


To make a donation, interested donors can visit   www.youcaring.com and search ToothFairyor visit www.toothfairykids.com.


100 percent of the proceeds received from the 3sforThese’ campaign will be used to acquire and distribute toothbrushes.


Every child deserves a chance to smile,saysClark.


About The Tooth Fairy Children’s Foundation 

The Tooth Fairy Childrens Foundation is a Calgary-based not-for-profit with a mission to lead 100% of children to oral health. Longer term, the vision is to provide every childworldwide with a toothbrush, education and access to dental care. It accomplishes this through strategic partnerships, education and fundraising initiatives such as the annual Tooth Fairy Gala and the 3sForThese campaign.


To learn more, please visit:

Website:  http://toothfairykids.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ToothFairyKids 

Donation link: http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/3-s-for-these-smiles-come-cheap-just-33-cents-each-/272519

Twitter: @toothfairykids



For more information and interview opportunities please contact:

Ms. CoraMarie Clark Work: (403) 686-6136 Cell: (403) 651-4070 Email:coramarie@toothfairykids.org